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When it comes to important once-in-a-lifetime events, you will find it hard to find an event more precious and special than a wedding. Indeed, most people only seek to get married once their lives. They pull out all the stops for this happy occasion. They also go out of their way to memorialize as many little details of the event as possible. From taking photos of each person that attends the wedding to different shots of the chapel or venue the wedding took place, to even close up shots of the memories given away at the wedding. Every little detail counts since this is the event of a lifetime. More importantly, wedding photos also capture the emotional intensity of this happy event. From tearful brides to happy grooms to happy in laws, wedding photos are kaleidoscopes of emotional positive intensity. That's how crucial wedding photos are to people's lives. This is why it is enough to make you go crazy when you discover all your wedding photos are gone.

If you take your beautiful pictures with Android mobile phone, you need to transfer pictures to your computer immediately, however, once you deleted photos on phone by mistake, is there any possible to recover photos from Android? Answer is yes; just take a look at the following tutorials in details on how to get back deleted photos from mobile phone.

Guide to Rescue Lost Pictures on Android Phone

You need to make sure where you photos stored, if they were saved in the Android phone’s interne memory card, then I am afraid that you can hardly get photos back unless you have backup on your computer or other external hard disk. While, if they were stored on your SD card of phone, then you are lucky to restore them as long as they are not overwritten by new data files on your Android mobile phone.

When you deleted data from mobile phone carelessly, stop doing any operation on your Android phone, and go to take out the SD card at once, then you can go to free download uMacsoft photo recovery software to get back lost photos from Android with ease. This program is able to recover lost data from almost all kinds of memory devices, including SD card, external hard drive, flash drive, etc. You only need to connect your Android phone or its SD card to your Mac and use this easy Mac android photo recovery application to scan your Android phone’s SD card.

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