Beginner's Guide to Managing DRM Movies

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Are you wondering how to put your iTunes movie with DRM protections you purchased or rented on your brand-new smart phone or tablet for some popular videos? Read this how-to to see how to remove DRM from iTunes m4v video, convert DRM video in video converter program, and how to sync your purchased or rental movies in iTunes.


There is a simple affair to watch a movie on your PC: Download movie on PC, double-click it, and you are ready to go. If you purchase or rent a movie on iTunes, you can only watch it on iTunes player or sync to other Apple devices including iPhone 4s, iPod, iMac and so forth; if you are non-Apple device owner, taking your movie collection with these devices isn't quite easy. As you should solve the problem of how to remove iTunes video DRM protections first, then transfer it to your smartphone or tablet. However, each player manufacture made its own file format and resolution; you should take the 3rd part program to convert m4v to the format your device matched.

how to convert m4v to avi

But, the collection of howto below that will walk you through the complicated steps involved in getting M4V videos from iTunes to portable gadgets legally.


First, I will show you how to remove iTunes video DRM protections to your Mac using M4V Converter Plus. Briefly, there are three steps to allow you get non-DRM iTunes movie.

1. Download and install M4V Converter Plus on Mac

2. Import M4V video from iTunes library

3. Choose output format as you need and then click "Convert" button to finish converting job.

how to convert m4v to mp4

Generally, convert m4v to mp4 can be played on a wide range of smartphones. For more operation steps, see my article of "How to use M4V Converter to remove DRM from iTunes videos" to get details.


Next, once you get non-protected iTunes movie, you would like to sync it to iPhone 4s, iPod or iPad, you can use iTunes to transfer video files from Mac to Apple devices easily. How about other non-Apple devices, such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony? iTunes also can do what you want.

drm itunes video

Finnaly, I'd like tell you how to use HandBrake to convert movie into a format and resolution that your tablet or smartphone can play.

HandBrake is an open source for users; it is available for OS of Windows, Mac and Linux. Not only can it convert video, also can rip DVDs as you like, so HandBrake one of best all-in-one software for users. Operation steps are below.

free handbrake to convert video

1. Download HandBrake with your OS (Windows, Mac, Lunix) and install it.

2. Launch this freeware.

3. Click "Source" in the upper left.

4. Select the Title and Chapters you want to convert.

5. Click Browse to choose where to save your file.

6. Click"Add to Queue" to add more videos to convert.

7. Click "Start" to get this job done.

Of course, the output format that HandBrake supported is less than M4V Converter Plus for Maintosh as I tested. You can free download these two programs to compare.

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