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Why won't my PS3 see my MP4 files? – Convert MP4 to Sony PS3 Format

"I intend to rip a bunch of kids films to mp4 and stick them on the PS3 harddrive, as my son has a habit of ruining the original discs, and I don't want to have to replace them.

However, whatever method I use to create the mp4's, and I've tried several, all claiming to be PS3 compatbile, I just can't get the PS3 to see them. Not over the network via uPnp, and not from a USB memory key. The files play fine in Quicktime. It's not even that they don't play on the PS3, it's simply that the PS3 doesn't list them to play."

Although Sony PS3 consoles ordinarily support MP4 files, some users like the one mentioned at the very beginning experience difficutly playing them and need to convert their files to a more wildly recognized format, such as MPEG-4, so you need must take a third party conversion software to convert MP4 to PS3 video format to playback your files.

How to Convert MP4 to PS3 on Mac

To fix the problem listed above, you should download an application to do so. Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter (short for MP4 to PSP Converter) is the very software that you are looking for. With it, not only can help you convert MP4 to the video format which matches Sony PS3 technical specifications, also can remove DRM from iTunes movies that purchases or rents in legal area. What's more, the simple step-by-step operation could give you a great experience to convert software on Mac OS.


Download MP4 to PSP Converter and launch it;

-  Click-one.  Import MP4 video;

-  Click-two.  Choose "Sony PS3 (.mp4)" as output format;

-  Click-three.  Click "Convert" button to convert MP4 file.

convert mp4 to sony ps3 mac

Note and Tips

Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter (Shor for MP4 to PS3 Converter) is professional application to convert video from one format to another. When you purchases or rents a video with M4V format from iTunes Store, you are not allowed to transfer it to any other Non-Apple portable media players, such as Sony Walkman, PSP/PS3, iRiver, even mobile phones like popular Nokia, BlackBerry etc, that because the DRM Copy-Protection is made by the movie producers for copyright protection. So how to remove DRM from those iTunes movies? Probably, my article of "Remove DRM from iTunes movie" would help you out.

How to sync MP4 to Sony PS3

Now, with the tutorial above, you would get MP4 file on hand, then next step, you would like to transfer it to your Sony PSP to enjoy, so there is simple to do this job:

1. Connect Sony PS3 to your computer;

2. Copy-and-Paste MP4 file to PS3. Or drag-and-drop operation also can complete this transferring job.

Note and Tips

If you would like to sync this video to your Apple devices, like iPhone 4, iPhone4s, iPod Touch, Macbook, iPad or iPad 2, my article of "Two ways to transfer videos to iPad, iPhone or iPod" will show you the extact operation steps to get this job done.

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