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I accidentally deleted all of the files on a friend's portable drive, when using terminal to try to delete a very large folder (the Trash Can was not working it was so large)--since the files/folders were very recently deleted I am looking into data recovery software to get the files back. The problem is that the HFS file system seems to be designed in such a way that once a folder/file is deleted, is there any professional and easy-to-use file recovery software available for me to get back deleted HFS files?

There is some free software available you can search them on Google but I do not believe in free software, as it will end up messing my computer with virus and spywares and whether it recovers your data intact or not is not guaranteed there are chances that you end up loosing your precious data. So I look for cheap and good software.

HFS File Data Recovery

Macintosh HFS recovery software supports a modest range of devices for your Mac hard drive recovery needs. Your physical hard drive is covered, thanks to the full HFS support across its various incarnations. For those of you with lots of plug-in hardware, ranging from flash drives, optical drives, and other mobile devices, you will be happy that they are adequately supported. Under this umbrella, this application will also dive into your iPod and camera for lost or deleted files. For those of you with RAID drives, this application will dive into them and retrieve data. This Mac recovery software will even reconstruct lost RAIDs to fetch those elusive files. For help outside of the Mac universe, however, you will need to look elsewhere.

First of all, you need to download professional HFS recovery software on Mac. As long as launch it, you need to run it at once. Most of related recovery programs have the ability to detect your computer hard drive or any other external devices that you want to scan for lost data files. Just click the image of that device, and let software scan it for you completely, you don’t need to be baby-sitter in the front of computer, this is robot process, just go to get a cup of coffee to wait for reviewing the lost files come back.

Next, just a few minutes, you will see there is list of files on the interface of software, don’t hesitate to check them to preview and click “Recovery” button to recover files back with ease.

Macintosh File Recovery Software

uMacsoft File Recovery for Mac is a decent program. The developers have some smart ideas happening here to form this package a breeze to use. With modest facilitate and support coverage and basic practicality, this program can attractiveness to people who apprehend what they\'re doing and don’t foresee discovering any issues. If this product does not match the bill, make certain to see the opposite Macintosh data recovery reviews to seek out the appliance that’s right for you.

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