How to convert iTunes M4V to Microsoft Zune – Convert M4V to MP4 for Microsoft Zune

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Microsoft Zune Review

Comparing the Zune HD to Apple's portable player line is only natural, but many people have owned two players together. Some experts take Microsoft Zune as an "iPod Killer". The Zune HD is ideal for people who want to use their device strictly for high-quality video and audio. Microsoft Zune marks a huge improvement from last year's model in speed, usability and video quality. It offers some unique features that other portable media players don't have, it has a super-pocketable design, and what's the most important, Microsoft works very well. It can support almost all the popular video formats. You can transfer video files from computer to the Zune freely, it doesn't like Apple devices – need to take iTunes as medium to transfer files between player and computer. What if you purchases or rents a M4V videos from iTunes Store, and you would like to play back on Microsoft Zune, can the Zune recognizes M4V? Of course not! As DRM-Copy protection for iTunes videos or movies, the Zune can not play DRM M4V files successfully, you need to free DRM from M4V first, and then transfer it to Microsoft Zune. This article below is on the purpose of telling you how to remove DRM from iTunes videos and play back on the Zune.

Mac M4V to Zune Converter

Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter is professional DRM removal software on Mac OSX, in addition, it is able to work as M4V to Zune Converter, its powerful conversion feature can convert iTunes videos to another format that does not contain DRM protection. Mac M4V to Zune Converter is able to remove DRM from iTunes M4V purchases and rents and convert the movies to compatible formats for different portable devices, such as Apple iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod, Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, Blackberry Smartphones, HTC Phones, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP TouchPad, etc. Let's see How to Convert M4V to MP4 for Microsoft Zune?

Tutorial for Converting M4V to MP4 for Zune

1.  Download M4V Converter for Mac and launch it;

2.  Import M4V you purchase or rent from iTunes, click "Add" button to load M4V videos;

3.  Choose "Zune MPEG4" from output format;

4.  Click "Convert" button to convert m4v file.

Converting iTunes Movies (m4v) to microsoft zune

How to transfer M4V to players

Sync DRM-Free M4V to Zune

It's simple enough to transfer M4V to Microsoft Zune, what you should do is drag-and-drop this DRM-Free iTunes M4V to the folder of Microsoft phone. Or copy-and-paste also can do this job.

Usying iCloud to sync M4V to Apple Devices

Register an account of iCloud, then you are able to share your videos, music, photos or any other files with your Mac devices contains iPod Touch, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, iPad, iMac or Macbook.

Using iTunes to sync M4V videos

If your iOS or Mac OS system is not the latest one, you could use iTunes to transfer M4V to your iPad or iPad2, iPhone4 or iPhone4s. Here is a video show you how to sync video from iTunes.

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