How to Convert iTunes Videos/Movies to 3GP on Mac OS

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Do you know how to transfer iTunes Videos/Movies to Non-Apple Players? This article will tell you HOW.

Your iPhone went to that electronics graveyard in the sky, and you replaced it with a Non-iPhone. But your videos/movies library still sits inside iTunes, complete with painstakingly crafted playlists that you'd rather not lose. How do you transfer videos from iTunes library to Non-iPhone mobile phones? Can it be completed by dragging and dropping library folder from Mac to mobile phones? The video format is as same as iPhone's? My article below will give you the exact answers.

ITunes Videos – DRM-Copy Protected Videos

To purchase or rent a movie from iTunes Store is so familiar with you, if you are Apple product users. As we know, the videos or audio files on iTunes are DRM-Copy protected, and they are not allowed to play back on any other Non-Apple portable players. DRM technologies attempt to give control to the seller of digital content or devices after it has been given to a consumer. Digital locks placed in accordance with DRM policies can also restrict users from doing something perfectly legal, such as making backup copies of CDs or DVDs, lending materials out through a library, accessing works in the public domain, or using copyrighted materials for research and education under fair use laws.

How do you remove DRM copy protections from iTunes M4V videos and then play back on Non-Apple phones? To remove DRM from iTunes video is the very task you have to solve. And then, you need to download legal DRM removal software to convert iTunes videos to 3GP video format to play back on your mobile phone.

How does Mac M4V Converter benefit for you

With Mac M4V Converter, you can take the easy way to remove copy-protected videos got from iTunes Store legally, and play back on your mobile phone, including BalckBerry, HTC, iPhone, Palm, Nokia, Samsung etc.

  • •  Remove DRM from Purchased or Rental iTunes M4V Videos
  • •  Convert iTunes M4V Movies to MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV Formats Easily
  • •  Import DRM-Free M4V into Multiple Output Devices
  • •  Support Converting iTunes HD and SD M4V Movies
  • •  Support Batch Converting iTunes M4V Videos

How to convert M4V to 3GP on Mac OS

How can I play my purchased M4V videos on iTunes Store on my mobile phone? Maybe you are one of users who have no idea on the playback iTunes videos if your cell phone doesn't support DRM M4V files. This article below is on the purpose of assisting users to fix this problem with simple and easy way by using MAC M4V Converter.

1.  Download Mac M4V Converter; then launch it;

2.  Load M4V video you purchased or rented from iTunes; then click "Add" button to load M4V file;

3.  Choose "Mobile Phone 3GP" from output format;

4.  Click "Convert" button to convert M4V to 3GP videos on Mac OS.

Note and Tips

Mac M4V Converter is professional application to convert video from one format to another. When you purchases or rents a video with M4V format from iTunes Store, you are not allowed to transfer it to any other Non-Apple portable media players, such as Sony Walkman, PSP/PS3, iRiver, even mobile phones like popular Nokia, BlackBerry etc, that because the DRM Copy-Protection is made by the movie producers for copyright protection. So how to remove DRM from those iTunes movies? Probably, my article of "Remove DRM from iTunes movie" would help you out.

What is 3GP Format

It is common used by mobile phones that support video capture. 3GPP is designed as a multimedia format for transmitting audio and video files between 3G cell phones and over the Internet.

3GP is audio and video container format developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

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