How to Convert M4V to SWF on Mac

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Can I insert an m4v file into Dreamweaver (and if so, how)? Or do I need to convert it to a different format? I just would like to share my M4V videos online with my friends. This M4V files purchased from iTunes Store, and I clipped and make it short, this is interesting videos, so that I would like to embed it to my website, and if possible, I want to upload it to You Tube as well.

DRM Removal software is audio and video converter. It converts both protected and unprotected audio or video files, so it's DRM removal software and DRM converter software. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management or as some people call it, Digital Restrictions Management. Put simply, DRM consists of various restrictions applied in music or video files, so their use (such as playback) can be controlled by a third party, usually the company holding the copyright for a song or movie. DRM is not just a copyright protection technique but a whole set of technologies that aim to implement the DRM strategy each distributor of digital content specifies. As an example, DRM can verify that the user that bought an audio file is actually the same user playing the file. DRM technology can also be used to limit the number of PCs a file can be played on. The major disadvantage of DRM is that these restrictions are not always clear when a user buys a digital product.

If you are expecting to see your iTunes videos on other portable media players, you should free DRM protections from M4V files first, to complete this task; download 3rd party application is the key step. Furthermore, you should search some kind of legal DRM removal software to convert m4v to flash video for you. Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter is good choice for you. Below is the step-by-step to remove DRM from iTunes video and convert m4v to swf on Mac.

1.  Download Mac M4V Converter; then launch it;

2.  Load M4V video you purchased or rented from iTunes; then click "Add" button to load M4V file;

3.  Choose "Flash SWF" from output format;

4.  Click "Convert" button to convert m4v to flash videos on Mac OS.

m4v to SWF

How to upload video to

1.  Sign in You Tube with Google account or create a new account as you like.

2.  Click on the "Upload video" button to start the process.

upload video to youtube download

3.  Choose the video file from your computer.

upload video to youtube format

  • 4.  The file upload progress bar will show up along with fields you need to start filling in the following tags:
  • a.  Title
  • b.  Description
  • c.  Tags
  • d.  Category
  • e.  Privacy
  • f.  Licensing options

share video youtube

5.  Then click "Save" button to save your settings.

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