How to Convert MOV to Flash For You Tube

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"Why can't I upload my MOV file to YouTube? If I must change the format, what's the process? I'm working on a Macintosh; does that have anything to do with it? Thanks"

For most of Macintosh users would have this kind of problem when you want to share your video to family and friends via You "How to convert QuickTime video to You Tube format" would be a problem for users like the one mentioned at the very beginning, including myself.

You Tube Supported Video Formats

•  MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files - Typically supporting h264, mpeg4 video codecs, and AAC audio codec

•  .AVI - Many cameras output this format - typically the video codec is MJPEG and audio is PCM

•  .MPEGPS - Typically supporting MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio

•  .WMV

•  .FLV - Adobe-FLV1 video codec, MP3 audio

Therefore, if your .mov video file is unable to decode by the codes listed above, it can not be recognized by You To fix this problem, you need to refer to the following tutorial to convert mov to flv, swf for uploading You

Freeware to Convert MOV to Flash for You Tube

Flash 8 Video Encoder

Converting QuickTime video with Flash 8 Video Encoder, the purpose of this encoder is to convert mov to flv for your webpage. Also, if you have QuickTime, Adobe After Effects, Avid Studio, or Final Cut Pro installed on your machine, you could use the Encoder directly. The tutorial of "Convert video using the Flash 8 Video Encoder wizard", just access to

Note: Flash 8 Video Encoder can only convert video file, but not audio; in addition, it is unable to batch converting mov to flv. Also, .swf is not available for this Encoder.


QuickTime is a powerful, reliable, and flexible foundation for the most cutting-edge multimedia experiences. This versatile product released by Apple Inc. allows users not only enjoy movies and songs with high quality, also can convert .mov to flash for your purpose.

Here is Step-by-Step to convert .mov to flash

Step1. Open an MOV file with QuickTime Player. Go to "File", then select "Export"

Step2. In the list of "Export", choose "Movie to Flash video(FLV)"

Step3. Finally, Click "Save" button

Note: QuickTime encoder neither supporting .swf format, nor converting .mov to .flv in batch.

MOV to Flash Video Converter

MOV to Flash Video Converter is all-in-one software to convert mov to flash including .flv and .swf on Macintosh. This versatile tool also can help user remove DRM-Copy protections from iTunes M4V movies in legal area. In addition, extracting audio like MP3, AAC from QuickTime MOV video file is also its another excellent feature. When searching software to convert .mov to video for You available, Mov to Flash Video Converter is the best choice for you to experience.

How to Convert MOV to Flash

Download MOV to Flash Converter (Mac version) and launch it;

-  Click-one.  Import MOV video;

-  Click-two.  Choose "Flash (.flv or .swf)" as output format;

-  Click-three.  Click "Convert" button to convert MOV file.

Convert MOV to Flash on Mac

MOV to FLV/SWF for You Tube

Note and Tips:

Once getting flash video format, you probably want to upload it to You to share with your family and friends, do you know how to upload video to You My article's "Beginners to Hands on Uploading Videos to You Tube" will show you the great experience to do so.

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