How to Extract MP3 from MP4 Video Files on Mac OSX

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You collect lots of event movies, and if you would like to enjoy their wonderful music on iPod or any other MP3 players, you should firstly extract mp3 from those movies. Well, you should download an application to help you complete this task. When searching online to convert mp4 to mp4, there would be a lot of software available for you to choose. Here we recommend two applications for you, one for Windows users, and one for Mac.

Extract MP3 via VLC on Windows

1. Click on "Media" from menu on the top bar; choose "Advanced Open File" from drop-down menu.

vlc players

2. Click- on "Add" and select the video from "File" tab.

3. Click the Convert button, refer to picturebelow.

vlc players

4. Enter the output path as you required.

5. Select the encapsulation method WAV.

6. Once WAV file is created, you are allowed to convert it to any other audio formats, like MP3.

Convert MP4 to MP3 on Mac

Tune4mac MP4 Converter is all-in-one software to convert mp4 to mp3 on Mac OS X, it is acted as audio converter for whom want to extract audio from event movies with MPEG-4 video format. With it, you can also batch convert audios once with good quality and fast speed.


Download Tune4mac MP4 Converter and launch it;

-  Click-one.  Import MP4 video;

-  Click-two.  Choose " Customized MP3 Audio (.mp3)" as output format;

-  Click-three.  Click "Convert" button to convert MP4 file.

extract mp3 from mp4 on mac

Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter is professional application to convert video from one format to another. When you purchases or rents a video with M4V format from iTunes Store, you are not allowed to transfer it to any other Non-Apple portable media players, such as Sony Walkman, PSP/PS3, iRiver, even mobile phones like popular Nokia, BlackBerry etc, that because the DRM Copy-Protection is made by the movie producers for copyright protection. So how to remove DRM from those iTunes movies? Probably, my article of "Remove DRM from iTunes movie" would help you out.

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