How to get free films from the iTunes Store

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Do you be tired of paying for films? Here I will tell you how to find a bunch of free movies and songs hiding in plain sight in iTunes Store.

Here are lots of best and famous films on iTunes store, they are worth keeping for collections, but you have to buy or rent them as their copyright that made by the manufactures. You will find iTunes may be clunky, slow and annoying, however, it isn't bad entirely, especially in case you know how to dig up free, legal film straight from the iTunes Store.


Free Film on iTunes

Follow my below steps, you will find what your preferred free films easily.

Step 1. Access iTunes Store homepage, and look for a Quick Links heading on the right Side;

Step 2. There is a Free On iTunes link underneath that right side heading;

Step 3. Click the link, and "Free On iTunes" is displayed on your screen.

iTunes store

So easy, right? This page features all kinds of free content, such as music, films episodes, TV shows and apps. To get them, just click the little gray Free button, on condition that you log on iTunes account legally. You can sort songs, films or apps quickly from the drop down menu, including sort by Features, Name, New Released Date, Recent Best Sellers and All-Time Best Sellers.

get free videos and songs on iTunes store

How to know the format of Free media files

Once downloading a free songs or film with your Apple Account, you can find it on LIBRARY bar on the left of iTunes. The number of files you downloaded would be displayed behind "Folder" under the LIBRARY, let's take a example below.

1. Download a free movie episode or music

2. Go to LIBRARY to find where the file locate

3. Right click the downloaded movie or music, and click Get Info, then you will get the details of this file.

itunes store

How to free M4V videos on iTunes Store

As Apple fans, you should know the videos purchased or rented on iTunes Store are DRM protected, for the purpose of protecting producers' copyright. Once you buy or rent a movie on iTunes store, the only media you can play them is Apple devices, such as iPhone, including iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPad 1 and 2 iPad version, as well as iPod series. Choose one method below to free this DRM videos and play them on any other devices.


Aimersoft Media Converter for Windows – Remove DRM protected videos on Windows system.

Tune4mac M4V Converter for Mac – Free M4V videos on iTunes Store, including purchased movie or rental one, and convert to mov, avi, mpeg and other pop video formats.

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