How to remove DRM copy-protected from iTunes videos & songs

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This article is on the purpose of assisting Mac users to free iTunes videos, and then play them on any other Non-Apple portable media players.

iTunes videos purchased or rented are digital right management (DRM) protected, which is aimed for protecting media producers copyright. Although, iTunes store as key product for Apple Inc., many users would rather to play iTunes videos/music on all the portable players, so that they can enjoy their favorite media files everywhere.


Method ONE

Using iTunes + CD-R/W to remove DRM protections from iTunes


I have talked with a Mac developer about this topic, who told me a free method to remove iTunes video DRM protection legally.


free remove DRM from iTunes videos

  • 1.  When purchasing songs from iTunes store, create an iTunes playlist.
  • 2.  Insert a blank CD-R or a CD-RW.
  • 3.  Burn the playlist to disk.
  • 4.  Import the songs again when burning successfully.
  • 5.  Delete the original purchased tracks.


Method TWO

Using freeware to remove DRM protections from iTunes songs

What software you need

FairGame can convert iTunes songs you purchased to an unprotected format. It uses the iTunes Default encoder and keeps the metadata, lyrics, and artwork. So it's legal to remove DRM copy-protected from iTunes music.


using FairGame to remove iTunes songs DRM protected

What you MUST DO (only once) to get FairGame to work:

  • -  Enable "Access for assistive devices" in the "Universal Access" system preference
  • -  Select "Place clip in Movie Timeline" in the "Import" preference of iMovie HD
  • -  Then you can simply:
  • 1.  Select some songs in iTunes
  • 2.  Click on the "Process songs" button
  • 3.  Then don't touch anything and wait until it's done...(FairGame is scripting iMovie's interface to process the songs, don't interfere)


Method Three

Using Mac M4V Converter to remove DRM copy-protected from iTunes videos

The Mac M4V Converter is compatible with Mac OS, including Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion; iTunes 10.5 also is available. It allows Mac users to free iTunes M4V videos and convert to MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, FLV, SWF, 3GP(2) format files. To experience it, refer to the follow steps.


using MAC M4V CONVERTER to remove iTunes videos DRM protected

  • 1.  Download M4V Converter for Mac and launch it;
  • 2.  Import M4V you purchase or rent from iTunes, click "Add" button to load M4V videos;
  • 3.  Choose output format as you required.
  • 4.  Hit "Convert" button to convert iTunes M4V format.

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