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Do you know why your .mov file can not be played on iRiver players? Such as iRiver E300, or iRiver E200? Do you know which program you should choose to fix this problem? In this tutorial, we will introduce a powerful and versatile MOV to iRiver Converter that can convert .mov to .avi for iRiver series.


Prior to the scenario, you could know better of Mac M4V Converter, which is all-in-one software. It not only can convert QuickTime/MOV to iRiver supported video files, also can remove DRM copy-protections from iTunes videos and songs legally. That is, if you purchases or rent a video or music from iTunes Store, as for the DRM protected reason made by manufactures for their copy-right protected, you are not allowed to copy or transfer the files to iRiver series players. To fix this situation, you should remove DRM from iTunes M4V/M4P first, and Mac M4V Converter can help you out better.


Why iRiver can't play QuickTime/Mov?

Before answering this question, we should let you know the tech specs of iRiver. See below detail.

Convert MOV to AVI for iRiver

iRiver E300


  • •  Supported Format: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, ASF
  • •  Bite Rate: MP3, WMA: 8kbps – 320kbps; OGG: Up to Q10, FLAC: 0-8


  • •  Supported Format: AVI, WMV
  • •  Code: MPEG-4 SP, WMA9 SP, XVID SP
  • •  Resolution: 320*240
  • •  Frame Rate: 30 fps

MOV to iRiver

iRiver E200


•  Supported Format: MP3 (MPEG4) / WMA(WMV)


  • •  Supported Format: MPEG4 SP / WMV9 SP / XVID SP / RM /RMVB
  • •  Frame Rate: 30fps

Therefor, you would know the exact reason why your iRiver can't play QuickTime video; however, your video format is the one listed above, it may not be playable on iRiver either, as if the video can be recognized or not depending on format parameters, including resolution, bit rate and frame rate.


How to convert .mov to .avi for iRiver

M4V Converter for Mac all-in-one software, not only can remove DRM copy-protection from iTunes videos and songs, also can convert QuickTime video to BlackBerry supported video with best quality. For converting iTunes M4V video for iRiver, you could refer to my article of "How to convert M4V to iRiver".


Download M4V Converter for Mac and launch it;

Click-one.  Import MOV video;

Click-two.  Choose "iRiver (.avi)" as output format;

Click-three.  Click "Convert" button to convert mov file.

Convert MOV to AVI on Mac

MOV to AVI for iRiver

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